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Hilltop Natural Therapies clinic


13th December 2024  Join Sophie Hayat's Summer Solstice Yin and Sound Evening 

7th December 2024  Elizabeth's Celebration Circle, Reflections & intentions with Candle Magic

23rd November 2024  Elizabeth's Divination, Channelled Automatic Writing

26th October 2024  Elizabeth's Candle Wax Reading

28th September 2024  Elizabeth's Tea Leaf Reading

20th September 2024  Join Sophie Hayat's Spring Equinox Yin and Sound Evening

17th August 2024  Elizabeth's Numerology and the Pinnacle Phases, Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone

20th July 2024  Elizabeth's Tarot,  Celtic Cross Spread Saturday

22nd June 2024  Elizabeth's Native Druidry, Wheel of the Year with Winter Solstice Meditation

14th June 2024  Join Sophie Hayat's Winter Solstice Yin and Sound Evening 

25th May 2024  Elizabeth's Past Life Regression Meditation

11th May 2024  This new Hilltop Natural Therapies Website is now up and running😊


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